Sunday, May 13, 2007

33 Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Site

Here are some tips that will give you a good start of your new site.

  1. Join Link Exchange Broker.
  2. Submit your site to Yahoo.
  3. Submit your site to DMOZ, and hope it get's listed before the year 2337.
  4. Submit your site to MSN.
  5. Get back-links.
  6. Submit your site to Google, though back-links will do way more good than submiting your site.
  7. Include RSS feeds.
  8. Write Articles and use that by-line spot for back-links.
  9. Submit the articles to article sites/directories.
  10. Mailing list - Send out an E-mail atleast once or twice a month.
  11. Have Contests and include a 'Subscribe to our mailing list box'.
  12. Viral marketing - Make something that has your site info and give it out free.
  13. Scripts - Include a link to your site in the footer. Require the link to stay there unless they pay for a version with the link taken out.
  14. Site of the Day - Make a site of the day award, and as more sites add the award to there site with back-links, you get visitors. Just make sure it's a high quality image.
  15. Include a message board/chat room. If thew site is new, start out with just one board. the last thing you want are dead message boards! Do anything you can to get visitors to come back day after day.
  16. PPC - If the visitors are worth it, pay for them to come to your site. Then try to keep them and turn them in to repeated visitors.
  17. Mailing list special - If you sell stuff, include deals in your mailing list.
  18. Polls - Have a poll of the day or week.
  19. Content - Content - Content - It's king. 10,000 pages of pure content will generate way more visitors than 1,000 pages of it will, once it's indexed in search engines.
  20. Public Domain Content - If you get the right stuff. ie content that can't all ready be found on 1,000 different sites, like Wikipedia content.
  21. E-mail signatures. Include your site link there!
  22. Make a directory, and require a back-link to get listed.
  23. SEO your pages. place your keyword in the title, header, and content. You can also place it in meta tags, but some search hardly use them, like Google.
  24. Advertise on TV, sell shirts, give out business cards, do an IPO....(This all counts as one cause 95% of us'll never even do any of this stuff!)
  25. If you make programs, make deals with other programmers to include each others products. Now you got other sites giving out your programs.
  26. Submit your programs to program directories.
  27. Make your URLs search engine friendly with mod_rewrite.
  28. Write FAQs - Include links to your site in the by-line. For example, read the first reply after the mod_rewrite FAQ, then look at the last paragraph in the FAQ.
  29. Include a link section on your site, and offer to place the banner of another site up if they place your banner on there link page. (Make sure it's a quality site, so you don't get penalized for linking to them!)
  30. Get out of the sandbox! ie don't be the 6,857,834th listing in Google!
  31. Register your domain for more than one year.
  32. If you sell products, set up an affiliate program. All those affiliates that become active will be giving you visitors.
  33. Message board signatures. The more you post, the more back-links you get. 1,000 quality posts will get you way more than 50 quality posts. Or you can live down at the Off-Topic boards all day! Search engines can also find your site from them, though they don't generate PR.

Via User "Nintendo" at DP Forums.